Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Louise Waghorn Workshop, from KTM care.

The back story 

Today we had a special workshop run by Louise Waghorn who comes to us from KTM care, making highly decorative Christmas iced buns.  

Louise has been supporting one of our Daconbake trainees and knows us at Level best quite well.

Vanilla iced buns wrapped up, ready to go!

The process

The Buns were made on Tuesday afternoon as part of our seasonal session, half as chocolate and half as vanilla. 

Chocolate iced buns, ready to be wrapped.

Today Louise, along with Anthony, Simon, Kayleigh and Olivia from seasonal and Daconbake, decorated each cake exquisitely in icing, with individual designs as snow men, snowflakes and Christmas trees. 

They were then put in cups and wrapped in cellophane and are now on sale at level Best for £1 each.

A perfect present, they really look the business!

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