Monday, October 31, 2011

Where the Land Meets the Sea

My paintings are grounded in my love of colour and life long interest in people and my surroundings.

This show provides an opportunity to see her recent work.

My vivid colour sense portrays the passion I feel for my subject, whether it is landscape, coastal work or life.

My paintings verge on the abstract and have a spiritual dimension to them.

Over the years, I have become more observant and creative through filling numerous sketchbooks.

I started work teaching Art, and since further study at Colchester in the 1990’s my sole occupation has been as a working artist.

I work from a life model and paint from sketches in the studio.

I love life, I love Art and I need to do it!

Val Bonnett

River in flood

Mixed Media


Music by the Gipping

Mixed Media


Happisburgh, Norfolk

Mixed Media


Waterfall, Ystradfellte

Mixed Media



oil on canvas


Bruny Island, Tasmania

Oil on canvas


Towards Ravenscar 1

Mixed Media


Towards Ravenscar 2

Mixed media


Ravenscar rocks 1

Mixed Media


Ravenscar rocks 2

Mixed Media


April Mood



Lake Summer Water



Happisburgh Screen Print


Vals Show lasts from 28th October - 25th November and can be viewed monday - friday 9:00 - 4:00 at

The Level Best Art Cafe,

3 Culver Street East,


CO1 1LD.

Tel: 01206 366059

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fabrications & A Glimpse of The Gambia

Like many people, my art teacher, at school, told me that I was not good at art.
Later in my life, I decided that the art lessons were too restrictive.

Now, I make pieces of art from almost anything. I play with paint and colour and make collages.

Given freedom of expression, ANYONE can create something pleasing
to themselves ............. on many occasions, pleasing to others.


I do not like knitting jumpers but ..........
I can be creative with wool
I do not like making clothes but ...........
I can be creative with material

For these latest pieces, I decided to use only material, wool and bits
and pieces which I have squirreled away for many years.







not for sale







not for sale

£8 each

£1.30 each




Large stone to the right - £25

smaller stones - £5

A Glimpse of The Gambia

I hope you enjoy looking at the artifacts and photographs from
my last trip.
Please feel free to handle everything and to taste some things.
The wonderful picture by my Gambian artist friend, Faminteh is for sale.

I have been lucky enough to run art and craft classes for people with
mental health problems. I was able to motivate and inspire them. We
had an exhibition in the library and the visitors' book was full of praises
for the work.

In October, I will be returning to The Gambia to work, as a volunteer at
Tanka Tanka, the ONLY mental health hospital in the country. As usual
mental health does not attract funds. I will have to pay for all my own
materials. All the proceeds from the sale of these pieces will go towards
my work.

Glimpse of the Gambia;
items to be bartered for or auctioned towards the end of the show

Linda's show lasts from 30th September - 28th October and can be viewed at the usual times of monday - friday, 9:30 - 4.00 and for the first time, a private view on tuesday the 11th, from 4.00 - 8.00 in the evening.