Thursday, April 28, 2011

Acorn Villages at Level Best

Level BestArtCafe Gallery

"Acorn Village was established in 1975 to provide a secure future for people with learning disabilities.

We are based at Mistley Hall, a small Georgian mansion set in fourteen acres of land, which is our main administration centre.

A selection of pictures on show

From the beginning, our working philosophy at Acorn has been that people with a learning disability are people first and their disability is second, with the right to lead as full and fullfilling a life as possible.

Each person, whatever their disability, is given every opportunity for self development, combined with as much or as little support as they need.

The Shark and Neptune

We have lively and popular creative craft, art therapy, needlecraft and weaving shops where many residents have discovered fulfilling new talents.

A selection of pictures on show

It was a proud day for our residents when their entry won the best float award in the Colchester Carnival.

The Greek Vase

Other triumphs include several 1sts for their craft entries at the local Tendring Show and a succesful commission to make the props for a local school's Scrooge production."

From all at Acorn Village.

work in the show includes:

1. '
The Beast' by Helen Marsh, Charcoal on paper.

2. '
The Toucan' by Anonymous, Paint and oil pastels on canvas.

3. '
Dream' by Harry Mckay, Acrylic on canvas.

4. '
Autumn' by Lindsey Sharpe, Acrylic on board.

5. '
Flowers' by Tammy Dilchand, Acrylic on board.

6. '
Wedding' by Tammy Dilchard, Acrylic on board.

7. '
Printed Flowers' by Teresa Phillips, Ink and gold paint.

8. '
Crowd' by Peter Harris, Acrylic on board.

9. '
Tree' by Joan Howard, Oil on canvas.

10. '
Swallows Flying South' by Louise Long. Acrylic on canvas.

11. 'Neptune' Group work by Acorn artists, Recycled materials.

12. '
Mixed medium' (Shark) Group work by Stutton Primary School and Acorn artists
Not for sale.

13. '
The Dark Forest' Group work by Acorn Artists, Oil on canvas.

14. '
Swirls' by Joan Howard. Acrylic on canvas.

15. 'Copy Of A Greek Vase' Group work by Acorn artists.

Acorn village's show lasts from 13th April - 13th May 2011 and can be viewed monday - friday, 9am - 4pm


Colin McAllister
Marketing Support Assistant

Monday, April 11, 2011

Artist Palette Table Centres

The Back Story

“To follow on from Sally’s idea of an artist’s easel,

Adam suggested we make palettes for the easels to stand on, as table centres.

little wooden easel

Simon counted how many tables we have (six) and we set about making them out of flat sheets of handmade papier-mâché. We cut out the shape of a traditional ‘old style’ palette, complete with thumbhole, and then added seven colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

papier-mache palettes

We showed these to Adam, who thought we should use funky Foam – as we had done in the small palettes we put into CD case cubes

smaller palettes in CD cases

So we got Colin to draw a palette shape which we transferred to the funky foam, then we fetched the salt cellar, drew round it to get the octagonal foot print. This then acted as a template for the seven colour patches.

Jane and co working on the palette

first batch of larger palettes

We put the palette shape onto the foam on top of a piece of carbon paper.

We found the carbon paper didn’t transfer the line very well to the foam – but the indentation of the biro was enough for us to follow when cutting out the base shape.

We think they look very good!”

Jane Ostler

Arts coordinator

finished palettes for the easels

palettes on display in the gallery

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Leveler: The Level Best ArtCafe's news hub magazine

you can collect a copy of the sixth issue of the Leveler free of charge, from the Level Best ArtCafe

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