Thursday, May 19, 2011

The scarecrow

The scarecrow
We were asked to make something to scare away birds from our newly planted seedlings, down at the allotment.
With two long broom handles we made a cross and tied it together with fishing line. We got an old boiler suit and poked the upright the broomstick through the seat of the suit. The next thing we did was spray paint an old sweet tin and put a face on both sides, using old aluminium pie tins, beer cans, paint and glue. One side looked female and the other male.
The upright broom stick was inserted into the base of the sweet tin before we glued the lid on his head, his head was on!
With washers and wire we made some hair, which was glued onto the top of the head. It was named by pulling a name out of a hat. Marie was the winner with her idea 'Jeepers Creepers', other ideas were: Colin, Dave, Werzel, Eric and Thomas Beeching.
Simon carried Jeepers Creepers all the way down East Hill to the allotment. He attracted quite a few curious looks!

Sincerely Yours,
The Art Team

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Snublic Drawings @ The Level Best ArtCafe

Have always been a keen drawer and enjoy sketching where and whenever I get the chance.
As my friend and mentor would say 'there's no better way to spend a few hours than with a smoke and some painting' (referring to his pipe smoking : )

Studied Graphic Design and Digital Media, later Computer Animation at University and have been drawing continually since 2006.

Having chosen to study music at school rather than art I consider myself a self taught illustrator but have been influenced and aided by friends and mentors along the way.


The work here is mainly black and white cartooning, satirical microcosms of issues and topics of personal interest or scenes of places I've visited.

Work mostly in ink with a crowquill dip pen but enjoy light and shade studies in pencil and may move onto painting at some stage.

Current aim: to complete a drawing a month for as long as the work ethic holds out (though if the work gets any bigger [most pictures here were drawn in an A2 sketch pad] it may take longer).

Prints are available on demand and prices range from £10 to £50 for a limited edition signed print.

Have a gallery show of original pieces at least once a year and am always on the look out for interesting commissioned drawings (the cost for these depends on the scale of work involved but I generally get robbed on what I'd earn an hour, so it's more about the joy of drawing).


regarding commissions should one come to mind, or if you're interested in buying a print (they look a lot better than they do on a PC screen)

Thanks for reading.

C.D McAllister

Snublic Drawings.