Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Panama Hats and Purple Houses, by Linda ward.

Artists Personal Statement

"Although I am a discreet and semi-reclusive sort of person, there is a side to me that loves boldness and so called 'eccentricity'. I admire people who casually walk down a high street wearing oversized brightly coloured clothes and rainbow DM's, and safety-pinned Goth's with white faces & black stilt shoes, or someone who has the nerve to paint their house purple amongst a row of buff white walled houses. I once saw a man walking along the main road in Felixstowe wearing a huge Panama hat and I remember how much I admired his boldness."

The main stay of Linda's show is work in different mediums, including, painting and drawing.

She also has a seperate collection of work entitled

Camouflage in the limelight
"In celebration of Peace"

"The idea for these paintings has come from military camouflage designs which I have re-designed to create attractive, celebratory and alternative images of peace instead of images associated with combat and war".

shows from 27th August - 24th September.

Linda Ward has a BTEC Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design)

50% of any profits will go to tree aid, a UK based development charity supporting

tree planting and reafforestation in rural Africa.