Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Market in Castle Park

This year level Best Art Cafe had a stall at the Colchester Castle Park Christmas Market, which was held on wednesday 12/12/12 (last recurring date we'll ever see [fun fact].

Castle Park is just across the road from us, but it still took time to set up and move all the items. 

We were leant a Gazebo by staff from the local Natural History Museum and 2 tables from the Methodist Church next to the park. 

We brought over everything we stock, including art and craft cards and baskets from Artco, Christmas cakes, Yule Logs, Rocky Road and Iced buns from DaconBake and Sundries and preserves from our seasonal produce sessions. 

We were there from 3pm - 8pm and sold around £70 worth of our goodies, for our troubles. 

The night was very festive and fun with a troop of Bag pipers doing the rounds and free mulled wine from the Castle itself...

...Which helped stave off the cold. 

We'll see about doing it again next year!

And we'll make sure and bring our blow up snowman and christmas lights.

They really came into their own as the night drew in.

And got us a lot of attention from passers by

On what was a fairly dark night!

Watch this space for more Level Best news, as it happens!

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