Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Exhibition of fine art photography: by Clive Cowan

I am deeply flattered to have been described as a "polymath poet,
photographer, guitarist and singer-songwriter" (Leigh Folk Festival).

It is
indeed true that I am passionate about the arts, which themselves correlate.

For example, poetry and song lyrics have much in common and music can suggest imagery and vice versa.

One concept I have is to create a
multi-media piece whereby my photography illustrates my music. However, in the context of this exhibition, it is my photographs that must stand on their own merits!

My passion for photography originates back as far as I care to remember and subsequently I have travelled much of the world accompanied by my professional 35mm film SLR camera, which has provided me with a wonderful back catalogue of images.

I have enjoyed a career working in broadcast
television, film and video (my name has appeared on TV credits more times than I could possibly count) and in so doing, I have learned to look at scenes in a particular way.

As a photographer, I cover both fine art and commercial photography (also weddings) and my photographs have been published in quality magazines, including a front cover, used by companies for marketing and hosted on professional stock sites.

Quite recently I switched to a professional digital SLR camera, itself no
easy task, prompting me to publish a thirteen thousand words feature on the experience and digital photography, which may be read on my web site. Using a digital camera is actually quite challenging and in some ways more complex than shooting on film, but it also opens up new horizons of photographic opportunity and especially promotes use of computer-based processing that provides for fantastic creative control.

My photographs I am showing in this exhibition are taken digitally and I
have deliberately exploited the strengths of digital rather than trying to make them look like film.

If I have a style - and I'll let you be the judge
- concerning fine art photography it is for bold, high contrast, brightly coloured scenes.

I achieve this using analogue, in-camera and digital post
processing techniques. All the photographs are signed, hand mounted and framed by myself and for this exhibition feature local Colchester as well as Southend-on-Sea scenes and some images that I hope may be of 'general interest'.

Most may be
ordered in larger sizes too. I have an extensive web presence which I invite you to explore, with separate sites and pages for my music, photography, poetry, etc. all accessed from my index addressed at: Thank you for you interest and I very much hope you may take some pleasure from my work, or better still - some of my work home with you. Kindest Regards, Clive A Cowan e-mail: