Monday, November 29, 2010

Sarah Baird: Mixed Media Artist

After Graduating from art school with a degree in Woven Textiles and awarded the coveted Courtauld International Designer if the year, Sarah went onto work at a number of London design studios.

After moving to East Anglia, she now works from her studio in a converted barn, on the home farm.

Textile design and sculpture have had a huge influence on her work and consequently she likes to use many different materials in her paitnings. Mixed media works include layering paint, ink scribbles, glue, fabrics, tissue, newsprint, and sometimes hot wax. 'Found' wood has been given a new lease of life by turning it into rustic canvases. A finishing coat of varnish, ensures everything is held in place and also gives the pieces a wonderful lustre, bringing all the layers to life.

A continued interest in different mediums and techniques spurred her on to complete courses in sculpture and printmaking. And with the eclectic background in technique and creativity, Sarah is able to pass on her knowledge through various workshops, hel in her studio.

The show runs from 26th November - 23rd December at Level Best Art Cafe, D'arcy House, Culver street east, Colchester.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Chromadepth Series by Tristan Burfield

In this exhibition I have created a series of colourful psychedelic 3-d photographic experiments which explore the external depth of the photographic canvas as an alternative to the defacto aestheic of the flat print.

All images were created using photoshop in conunction with software packages such as Fractint, Ultrafractal and Visions of Chaos

The exhibition is to be used in conjunction with "Chromadepth" 3-d glasses [available on site] which produce a stereoscopic effect based upon differences in the diffraction of colour through a special prism-like holographic film fitted into glasses.

Chromadepth glasses give the illusion of colours taking up different positions in space, with red being in front and blue being in back.