Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Workshop

Alison Stockmarr, a local freelance artist came to hold a workshop at the Level Best Art Cafe, making christmas decorations.

We made over the course of the day; rein deer heads from twigs and papier mache, snowflakes and father christmas' and santa corks, using pine cones, corks, velvet, wool and other materials such as googly eyes.

Lastly we fashioned a tree out of a large log and used it to hang our decorations and lit the whole thing nicely. Why don't you come in and get some decoratios for your tree, they look really good.

Launch TheRobin Event

The Back Story

The group who work in the park were working in the sensory garden. On the roof of the little folly was a wooden weaved structure which Yaz the park ranger gave to us. We brought it back to recycle! Jeanette saw the shape of a robin in it. Simon, Jeanette and Jane covered it with papier mache, then gave it a coat of emulsion paint. Colin broke it down into three separate colour areas - white, red and brown. Our trainees painted the colours in, Simon, Christina, Tom and Derek all pitched in and finaly we chose where to paint the eye.

One friday morning we took it outside to photograph. Starting in the road outside we ended up out side Firstsite. The picture was for the poster for the event.

The Event

The launch The Robin event co-incided with the opening of our end of christmas show, show- casing art work made by our trainees at Level Best

Mary Pullen came over from 15 Queen Street "Creatives of Colchester" with the news that they were donating some of the proceedes from their Big Draw Event.

To say thank you we invited them to attend the launch of our auction show as special guests on the 1st of December 2011.

Joe our photographer captured the spirit of the occassion.