Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bernadette Sloman

Watercolour Paintings

shows from 30th July - 27th August


Q. Do you only do painting?
A. Yes

Q. How did you get into art work - through school or college?
A. Yes college

Q. What are your favourite colours?
A. Green, blue and yellow, yellow, blue and silver skies

Q. What is your favourite thing to paint?
A. Flowers, gardens and houses

Q. Do you like Van Gogn?
A. Yes of course

Q. Have you travelled alot?
A. Sometimes

Q. Where?
A. London

Q. When did you start painting?
A. September

Q. Whichyear? A. A long time ago

Painting by Bernadette Sloman


Paintings and sculpture showed from 2nd - 30th July

I started in Art late after following various career paths. Covering The Royal Navy, Retail Management & as a Nurse.

I have however had a longstanding interest in photography which led me indirectly in to drawing and painting, along with other areas of Art and Art related subjects. Thanks to a short period of study at The Colchester School of Art and design, that I left early.

This exhibition is a celebration of colour that is made in Acrylic paint, while it is in modernistic styles it is not based on any particular form or Artistic style. just me and the interaction between me, the paints and the canvas. At that one moment in time the exceptions to this are the blue figures and the crater city sunset.

Please enjoy Sincerely yours Joe lacy July 2010


Q: How did you start Joe?

A: 2-3 years ago doing photography. I went down to the institute to develop this. They pointed me in the direction of drawing, portfolio, presentation and I became hooked on painting drawing which led me into print making and 3D art.

Q: Do you have a particular idea when you work?

A: Not always, mostly not I sit & let the work develop. When I found out art wasn't all about conventional ideas, its more a reaction between the artist & his work & how he/she feels.

Q: They’re intuitive works aren't they? have you ever come across a different view?

A: not personally but there are some in the pres –there are certain who think Modern art is a waste of space, but there is another feeling and emotion that goes into the work. I’m going to repeat something that I did about a year ago. Te starting time is the first world war and brought up to the present date, and that just goes to show that over the past century, man hasn’t learned a dam thing.

Q: You’re talking about war. Instillation work is probably better received.

A: Yes it is a reactive work, probably to something that going on at the time. i.e. the VAF.