Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paper Making

26 July Cut up paper, 30 minute boil, process to a pulp, cover with water, mix, pull paper!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BARRY GILHEANY Colourfest : Landscape and Abstract

Barry is a Local Colchester Artist who began painting roughly 8 years ago when he first attended courses at Grey Friars and Wilson marriage centre Colchester.

His work is a mixture of abstract still lives and landscapes from the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.

He paints in the style of les Fauves and influences include Henri Mattisse, Henri Rousseau and Paul C├ęzanne.

He considers himself a post impressionist.

Works include:

Mediterranean - £45

The Last Chord - £75

Ameba - £ 75

Crinkle Crags - £100

The Dalek - £85

Derwood Water - £55

Dark Horizons - £75

Electric Light - £85

Gordele Scar - £120

Barry’s show lasts from 8th July – 5th August.

At The Level Best ArtCafe, 3 Darcy House, Culver Street East, CO1 1LD, 01206 366 059