Monday, March 7, 2011

Mother's Day Project at Holly Trees Museum

Recycled materials like CD cases and newspapers helped in the creation of our Mother's Day Card project at Holly Trees Museum, based on a 1950's Kitchen serving jam and bread.

this is the 4th time we have shown work in the Garden Room in the past three years, following the "Chinese Figures", "60's" Portrait Heads" and the "Medieval Bowls and games". For our photo shoot we tried to make everything in the picture: the wall tiles, clock, bowls, the table top and even the washing up bottle.

The resulting cards are on sale for £1.50 from the artcafe. We continue to welcome new people to our team, young and old alike, some in transition from school to workplace. We try to keep in step with the seasons so watch out for our Easter project!

The Project will be on display at Holly Trees Museum in Colchester's Castle Park until further notice, so if you happen to be passing, get a look at the real thing.

Level Best ArtCafe staff and trainees.

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