Tuesday, March 22, 2011

John Morgan: Dragon Art

Born 11/05/47.

In the village of Llamberis North Wales, I moved to Coventry at a very young age, where I spent most of my early life. I attended Copthorn Secondary Modern School, where an Art Teacher called Mr. Lewis Noticed that this rather disruptive pupil enjoyed Art, poetry, music and pointed me in the right direction.

My favourite artists are Botticelli, Turner, Picasso, Dali and I am very interested in Calligraphy, Illumination including Illuminated Manuscripts and books.

I am not the sort of artist to paint or sketch, pastoral scenes, life or panoramic views, though I must stress I admire those artists who do. I feel that if you can see such scenes with your own eyes or indeed a camera or a good artist it is not for me to try and capture the mood or emotion, evry person / artist see the same pictures or images in different ways.

The sort of work that I do is in my minds eye and very personal. I think that art in many respects should cause discussion and critical comment; I just hope that visually my work will make some sort of impact. I use very different materials and like to experiment, plaster, clay, acrylic and pastels etc, I must be honest I do find water colour a very hard media to use and I do appreciate those who excel in its use, I do hope you enjoy my work.

John's Show lasts from 18th March- 15 April at the Level Best ArtCafe

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