Monday, February 4, 2013

Colchester Collection


This show is a representation of my personal interest in my home town, specifically old buildings and what I call ‘redundant scenes’, parts of the town that have either been demolished or are scheduled for demolition or ‘regeneration’. 

These drawings were produced by sketching from life and photographs taken by me. Some of The pictures were made by combining multiple photographs to create a ‘fish  eye’ panoramic effect, as I wanted to represent the building or scene as totally as I could.
All Drawings were produced first in pencil and then in Indian ink with a crow quill dip pen and nib. It has been a good opportunity to develop my comfort and skill at using ink over the last 2 years and to break from my cartooning (though one does feature in this show, an update of William Hogarth’s ‘Beer Street’).

The work on display is a mix of originals and prints and limited edition Giclee prints are available for all the work on display. I will accept orders for fine art prints and they range from A4 - £15, A3 - £30 & A2 £45. The prints on display are previews of my most recent drawing and are also for sale @ £5 each.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did drawing them and to see more of my work visit and to contact me look for me at the café or email 

Backstreets £980
Ancient Barracks £620
Walton Pier £630
East Mill £310
Old Odeon £310 
Scenes of Redundant of Colchester £980
Weed Straat £400
Redundant of Colchester Cont. £900
Underwood £250
C.D McAllister                                                1 /2 /13 - 1 /3 /13

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