Thursday, January 10, 2013

‘Spring’ window boxes.

The Story

We have decided to revamp our window display boxes this year. We are growing spring bulbs in them to reference the dormant animals and plants sleeping during this time of year and to have something to look forward to.
Jane had the idea of making bulb parcels from hessian and felt filled with compost and Muscari and Tete a tete bulbs, which can be displayed outside on our café windows. They will compliment the garden baskets that were being made in December. They have been over wintering in Jane’s garden taking advantage of the mild winter.


First we cut the hessian fabric into a 16” squares, then we cut a 7” diameter circle in felt for each and put them in a bowl. Gavin then helped put the bulbs in the bottom and then we put soil on top to 5cm depth. We cut a 25” length of string and used it to weave in and out of the hessian bag we had produced to close it up like a money bag. Lastly we dunked the bag with its contents into a jug of water which soaked into the fabric and soil. With each one done we put it to one side to drain and started another. We have so far made 7 and are supporting them in wire springs, covered in raffia.
We hope they will grow and be a very impressive sight by spring.
Watch this space for future developments.

Colin, Gavin and Jane – Artco’s first project of January 2013   

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