Monday, April 30, 2012

Tethered - Brendan Wilson


I have become accustomed to the well-trodden paths of our lesiure walks. Not for me wild, remote and inhospitable places, but rather a walk with a cafe at the end of it.

I really am of the 21st century. I embrace the secure landscape, not rejecting what has evolved. for it is still wild and free no matter how ordered and planned.

The immediacy of our connection with the natural world cannot be broken, as we crave it as a place of peace, solace and healing. We harness its power and yet it remains beyond us. However domesticated it is still primeval.

From garden flowers to a setting sun to a field of cows we are all tethered to it.

Brendan Wilson 

Brendan Wilson has worked as a photographer for over 20 years, between times as a house husband and carer. He has had many exhibitions, notably at the Museum of London, the Watershed, Bristol and the Islington Arts Factory. he has made a documentary for the BBC and has had two books of photographs published.

He exhibited a collection of street photographs at the Digby gallery in Colchester in March 2012 and at a group show at Slackspace in 2011. He studied for a degree at University campus Suffolk, graduating in 2010 and lives in Lawford, Essex.

The is the first time that a collection of his landscapes has been exhibited in one place.

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A Field of Cows


 Avenue of Trees


Country Garden

 Mistley Church
from the Walls


at Shotley


Southwold 1


Southwold 2


Southwold 3


Stormy Skies


The Walls


Prints for sale on display in gallery

from £2 - £25 each

Brendan's show lasts from 27th April - 20th May and can be viewed between the hours of 9 - 4pm - monday - friday.

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