Friday, June 10, 2011

Report from our work experience placementee

Day 1 of my work at the ArtCafe.

Before I started I washed my hands and put an apron on.
I did Art work with Jane and Trish who I met today.
Then I put cold water in the bowl ready for paper macheing,I was gluing and pasting for making a big pepper out of paper mache.
Jane got a roll from the wrapping paper roll. I used a rubber hammer because the cardboard roll was hard.
Then after doing the paper mache it was break. I was chatting to Jane, Simon and Scott, they were lovely. After break we went back to work. Me and Jane was looking for a pepper on the computer while Trish was looking. Then I stuck the the roll for the pepper stem then I bent it to make the shape.
It was lunch and I had a jacket potato with cheese and beans and salad. It was nice, I was sitting with Jane for lunch.

Then it was time to work again. This time I was cooking with Sarah and we was making Coffee cakes. I was weighing out the butter using scales and I was weighing it out in ounces.
Then I put the butter in the bowl and then stirred it till it melted.
Then I cracked three eggs into the bowl and then put sugar in and stirred it altogether in the bowl. Then Sarah put the cake mix in a round baking tray and put them in the oven.
Then I was putting the cakes that were all ready made, I put them in separate tins and Sarah put them in the fridge and I also put the breads in a plastic bag. I washed the tables, plates, the sink and then washed my hands. The last bit I had to do was drying the flower pots for Sarah. Before I knew it, it was time to go home and my Mum picked me up with my Grandad.

Grandad went back to his house and my Mum and me went back to our house.

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