Monday, April 11, 2011

Artist Palette Table Centres

The Back Story

“To follow on from Sally’s idea of an artist’s easel,

Adam suggested we make palettes for the easels to stand on, as table centres.

little wooden easel

Simon counted how many tables we have (six) and we set about making them out of flat sheets of handmade papier-mâché. We cut out the shape of a traditional ‘old style’ palette, complete with thumbhole, and then added seven colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

papier-mache palettes

We showed these to Adam, who thought we should use funky Foam – as we had done in the small palettes we put into CD case cubes

smaller palettes in CD cases

So we got Colin to draw a palette shape which we transferred to the funky foam, then we fetched the salt cellar, drew round it to get the octagonal foot print. This then acted as a template for the seven colour patches.

Jane and co working on the palette

first batch of larger palettes

We put the palette shape onto the foam on top of a piece of carbon paper.

We found the carbon paper didn’t transfer the line very well to the foam – but the indentation of the biro was enough for us to follow when cutting out the base shape.

We think they look very good!”

Jane Ostler

Arts coordinator

finished palettes for the easels

palettes on display in the gallery


  1. Hi to everyone at Level Best! The new palettes look great, very arty. I look forward to popping in when next in Colchester. Michele Webber x

  2. Fantastic. Love the ideas you guys come up with :-)

    Catherine Litton

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing this. I really love Art easel . Keep it up. I save your blog.